Chesterfield Night Sapphire Bottled Ink

Type: Bottled Ink

Vendor: Chesterfield

Fill your fountain pen with premium grade Chesterfield Night Sapphire Bottled Ink. Made in the United Kingdom since 1864, this ink is specially formulated for smooth flow and excellent coverage. Write with the best when you use Chesterfield Bottled Ink.

  • Premium grade fountain pen bottled ink
  • Night sapphire color
  • Available in 25ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles
  • 3ml sample bottles available
  • Compatible with all fountain pens that take inkwells
  • Naglene leak-proof bottle
  • Deco design
  • Neutral ph levels
  • Vibrant color
  • Formulated for smooth flow and excellent coverage
  • Crafted in the UK since 1864 by Chesterfield

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