Knox Elegant Wooden Gift Box

Type: Accessories

Vendor: Knox

Store or gift a fountain pen in the Knox Elegant Wooden Gift Box. This large, light-colored wooden gift box boasts a hinge mechanism to open, felt bottom and felt strap inside to securely hold one fountain pen. A great way to present a fountain pen to a friend or loved one, or store one of your favorite pens, the Knox Gift Box is sure to please.

  • Elegant wooden gift box
  • Light wooden color
  • Measure 8” in length
  • Measures 4” in depth
  • Measures 1” in height
  • Holds one fountain pen
  • Hinge mechanism to open
  • Stays propped open
  • Knox brand name engraved inside lid
  • Felt inside with strap to secure fountain pen
  • Felt bottom
  • Knox


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