Knox #6 K35 Fountain Pen Nib

Type: Nib

Vendor: Knox

The Knox #6 K35 fountain pen nib is another masterpiece of German craftsmanship. This exquisite fountain pen nib features intricate 18k gold gilded Knox markings and iridium tip. 

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • #6 size
  • Available in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm calligraphy, 1.5mm calligraphy, and 1.9mm calligraphy
  • Specifications: shoulder 8.6 mm, overall length 35.0 mm, recommended feeder 6.0 mm
  • Gilded, stainless steel, iridium tip (for EF, F, M, and B) 

*Calligraphy nibs are not gilded or iridium tipped. 

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